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A lot has changed over the past 55 years in Saudi Arabia, but our strong commitment to our customers remains the same. We worked hard to provide our customers with a safe, reliable, and affordable gas supply. We are pleased to launch our new website that will provide improved access to AHG services for our customers. ·While waiting for the best to come, the value of life will always occupy center stage, growth and development will always be given a priority.


Our Branches


Western Region



PO Box 595, Jeddah 21421
Tel +966-12-638-2000
Fax +966-12-662-2425


Jeddah Branch

PO Box 4084, Jeddah 21491
Tel +966-12-35-2222
Fax +966-12-637-6146


Yanbu Branch

PO Box 30082, Yanbu
Tel +966-14-321-0411
Fax +966-14-396-0351


Tabuk Branch
Phone: 014-4223123
Fax: 014-4223123


Najaran Branch

PO Box 1983, Najran
Tel +966-17-544-0906
Fax +966-17-544-1681


Jazan Branch

PO Box 225, Jazan
Tel +966-17-321-4063
Fax +966-17-321-4062

Central Region


Riyadh Branch

PO Box 42868, Riyadh 11551
Tel +966-11-265-0722
Fax +966-11-265-0939


Buraida Branch

PO Box 633, Buraida
Fax +966-16-324-8167


Eastern Region


Phone: 013-8473000
Fax: 013-8471764


Al-JUBAIL Branch

PO Box 717, Al-Jubail 31951
Tel +966-13-341-5667/2345
Fax +966-13-341-1622


Khafji Branch

PO Box 59, Al-Khafji 31971
Tel +966-13-766-2584
Fax +966-13-766-3004



Phone: +968-9-2859955
Fax: +968-9-2850417


Phone: +971-2-25503693
Fax: +971-2-25503693



Our Website: www.ahg.com.sa



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