Refrigerants Division (AHG - Refrigerants)


Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases and Equipment Co. Ltd.

Refrigerants Division (AHG - Refrigerants)



AHG group is one of the most renowned companies in the region having celebrated more than 70 years in the gas and supplies markets.


AHG Refrigerant division was established by late MR. Abdullah Hashim in 1976 in the name of SARGAS (Saudi Arabian Refrigerant GASES Co. Ltd) before merging with AHG and AHG – Welding in 2012.


The Division caters to all regions of Saudi Arabia through main offices in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam with 2 filling plants located in Jeddah and Dammam for the supply of Bulk Refrigerant gases in different packages from 10 kg to 20000 kg and also the supply of all refrigerant type in imported Disposable cylinders from Europe and USA.


AHG Refrigerant division prides itself by providing the best customer service and support to one of the most important and crucial markets in Saudi Arabia through on time delivery and world class quality.

We Stand Behind Our Products.



The sale of high quality refrigerant gas products in bulk and disposable cylinder forms.

Our range includes all types of refrigerant gases for household, automotive, industrial, medical, Marine, Blowing Agents, and other applications.



The Division works closely with other divisions of AHG to achieve the shared vision of maintaining the highest degree of Integrity, Trust and Professionalism within the organization, and provide best in class Quality products at the right Prices to support our partners and customers in all sectors.




Since 1976, AHG Refrigerant Division has been the sole distributor of “The Chemours Company” products in Saudi Arabia.


Formerly known as “DuPont”, “The Chemours Company” continued the legacy upholding the same quality and products as the renowned name while expanding the range of offerings to cope with the ever changing technologies.


The Chemours Company thrives to achieve excellence in reducing negative environmental impact by supplying ozone friendly products in an effort to stop global warming.





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