Abdullah Hashim Industrial Gases and equipment Company, Limited was established in 1955 and since them progressed steadily to become the largest Industrial Gases Company in the Kingdom in the private sector. It serves a variety of customers within the kingdom and in GCC area. Some important business sectors that AHG serves are as follows:

1. Oil and Gas Sector

The main customers are Oil Companies and their Service providers mostly located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

2. Petro Chemical Plants

The major customers in this sector are located mostly in Jubail and Yanbu Industrial estates.

3. Power and Energy Sector

Power Producing companies are the main customers in this sector. AHG also serves the needs of their major suppliers and Service providers.

4. Construction companies

Saudi Arabia has a steady growth in its industrial and Infra structure sector and world’s largest construction companies are busy in a number of projects in various parts of the kingdom. AHG has been supplying Welding and other gases to cater their needs.

5. Hospitals and Health sector Maintenance companies

AHG the leading manufacturer of Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and other pure and mixture medical gases has been serving kingdom hospitals both run by Public and private sector.

6. Defense Sector

AHG has long been serving Defense sector for their gas needs throughout the kingdom.

7. Airlines

AHG maintains state of the art Repair stations in Jeddah and Dammam to fill Aviation Oxygen bottles for the national carrier and a number of private air carriers.

8. Steel Mills

AHG is the only company in the kingdom which has a long term contract with a large Steel mill in Dammam Industrial area to supply Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) through pipeline. Also we have set up joint venture companies in Oman and UAE for the bulk Oxygen supply to Steel mill/glass company and one such project is already in commissioning stage in Southern province of Saudi Arabia.

9. Glass factories

Glass factories are large consumers of Industrial Gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen and AHG is able to fulfill near requirement. AHG has set up a dedicated plant in Abu Dhabi for supply of bulk gases through pipeline to a Glass Company and set up Hydrogen reformers at another Glass company in Jubail.

10. Contractors

AHG supplies Industrial gases to a number of contracting companies serving Oil and Gas companies and other sectors in the kingdom.

11. Educational Institutions

Universities and vocational Training centers throughout the kingdom are customers of AHG and AHG is proud to serve them.

12. Food and Beverage Companies

Many food and beverage companies in the kingdom have chosen AHG as their approved supplier and we supply gases in pure and mixture forms for their needs in process and preservation of food products in conformance with Food Safety standards.



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